The Lucky Blue Smith x Penshoppe

I was an instant avid fan of Lucky when I saw a random photo of a guy with a bleach hair wearing white  shirt and black leather jacket. The picture was taken at the store, I presume.

One day, I used the snap chat app  to switch faces hahahaha I need to take a bath 1000x  literally before my face would look like him and when it comes to finances,  I can’t afford to pay for some aesthetic enhancement either.

Had my wallpaper changed 🙂

It was payday, I splurge myself to buy some set of clothes and shoes which, at that moment, its like 70% off! Thanks Penshoppe! All of those cost me 1,200 Php.Wouldn’t you believe it? Hahaimg_4587

Oh G! Seen this note on the counter when I was able to pay. I was qualified to join because it stated here;  you can have a chance to meet lucky when you purchase at least 1000php to earn an entry.

So, I immediately filling up the blanks provided in this site:img_4609

When I was at the mall with a friend , a text conformation got my attention. I could not believe that I was able to get this message from Penshoppe. I was yelling to my friend that I have the chance to see LUCKY!!


You know the feeling that you won a jackpot prize at the lottery? I just wanna scream to burst my excitement. Its like 75 out of a million living in the Philippines would have the chance to see him personally and to attend an annual fashion show located in a high end CONRAD HOTEL.

Saddest part is, no hotel and flight accommodation for the winners 😦 I didn’t lose hope because a good friend of mine lends me money.

Had my flight alone from Iloilo City to Manila. I don’t know what to expect, what’s going to happen and I dont have any relative to stay nor someone would want to go with me in the event. (texted some friends in Manila and they have errands to do.)

When I had my brunch at the Terminal 3 in the airport, I notice Sir Jeff Bascon.
‘ The ‘ brand director of Penshoppe strolling around the corner. I got this feeling that Lucky would be exiting  here. What I did was, I acted like an investigator in a certain crime hahhahaha



After he showed up to us, Look at me! Hahaha its like a typhoon who went on me yet my new found friends are so neat and fresh looking!

A girl on the 4th picture was so fortunate to take her best picture with Lucky.

After I fix myself from the pension house I booked, I went straight to Conrad Hotel to get my luck seeing him again up close and a chance to get his autograph for the tarp I prepared for him. You know what? He was so shock when he saw it and I was the only one who brought this on the hall.

See? That face! He’s happy  Haha.

I’m with a friend whom i met at the airport. Her name is Ranica (Center).
I asked her if I can invite her to be with me


Had to go back on the venue area for the #LuckyxPenshoppe Fashion show line up.

The Fashion show started:

After the show:

The Brand Director, Jeff Bascon.

July 30

I decided to go visit SM Aura for Lucky’s meet and greet.I don’t have a pass, so I got my intuition that I might see him again personally . Yesterday, I got a chance to meet Maam Cha,  the marketing of Penshoppe. She said that she might help me tomorrow to see Lucky. Cross fingers to that!

My Manila and Lucky X Penshoppe experience wouldn’t be fulfilling without knowing Ranica and her friends. I Thank the Lord and God for my safe stay while in Manila.


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